Free All You Can Eat Data on Prepay.

Three is the only network with FREE All You Can Eat Data for just €20 a month as well as unlimited texts and unlimited weekend calls.

4G will be free for all customers until November 30th 2014. All you need is a 4G ready device.


The only network with All You Can Eat Data.

Simply top up by €20 to automatically activate this offer and get free All You Can Eat Data.

You’ll have all the free data, free any network texts and free any network weekend calls as you can make so you can save your €20 to spend on whatever else you like.

Get Prepay SIM Only freedom.

With: Free All You Can Eat Data and unlimited texts to any network when you top up by €20.


If you have a smartphone you may need a Micro SIM or a Nano SIM but otherwise you’ll do just fine with our standard Prepay SIM.

A Nano SIM is used in an iPhone 5.
A Micro SIM is for any of the following phones: iPhone: 4, 4S; HTC: One X, One S, 8X, 8S; Nokia: Lumia 800; Lumia 710 Samsung Galaxy: Note, Note II, SIII; Sony Xperia: S, T, U.

If you’re not sure, just check with your mobile phone manufacturer to determine what SIM card you need.

How does our €20 Top Up compare?

Free 4G1
Free All You Can Eat Data*
Free Any Network Texts*
Free Any Network Weekend Calls*2, 3
Free Own Network Texts*
Free Own Network Calls*
Free Customer Care
  • View our out of bundle rates. 1 Free 4G offer ends 30.10.2014. 2 Free calls apply at weekends. 3 Weekends commence at 12.01AM Saturday and end at 12.01AM Monday. View our competitor comparison terms. *To avail of these services a €20 top up is required every 30 days. Current €20 prepay plan ends 31/08/2014. View our full prepay tariff terms.

Great freebies from Three.

Free when you top up by €20.

We’ll give you:

Free data with every single top up.
Enjoy all the benefits of your smartphone without worrying about data charges. It’s free to switch and you can start enjoying all the great things your smartphone offers like; Skype, Messenger, Viber, What’s App, Voxer and iMessage. Update your status and tweet what’s going on at any time, wherever you are.

Free calls and texts to ALL Irish mobiles.
No other network gives you free calls and texts to all Irish mobiles when you top up by €20.

Free €10 credit when you switch:

  • €5 when you move your number.
  • €5 when you register on My3.

Topping up is easy.

There are lots of quick and simple ways to top up. You can choose any way that suits you best.

Ways To Top Up

Smartphones from €39.

Check Our Coverage.

Why join Three?

Three are the only network to give you all of this with €20 top up:

  • Free All You Can Eat Data.
  • Unlimited any network texts.
  • Unlimited any network weekend calls.
  • Free Three to Three calls.
  • The most free data on every single top up.

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